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I figure here's a good enough place to at least start a conversation with .

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As part of my agreement related to this Sweden trip, I was asked to include the hashtag inavolvo as I document our trip.

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A separate blog post about Volvo was not part of the agreement. So this post is not a sponsored post.

I certainly did. The Volvo factory is just outside of Gothenburg, and part of our itinerary included a visit to the facility to attend a safety demonstration and get the scoop on the Overseas Delivery Program.

For several reasons free trip to Europe! For reals. As a customer, you buy the car from your local U. Volvo dealer, then you Pick up in Sweeden to Sweden, i up the car Pick up in Sweeden the factory, drive it around the countryside, or maybe take a side trip north to Norway. Then, you drop it off at the factory again, and they deliver it at Sweedwn charge to your U. By doing this, it allows the car to be brought to the U.

Which, like I said, brings down the overall cost of the car.

While we were at Pick up in Sweeden factory, we met three couples from the U. One of the couples was taking part for the 5th time! Of course, I asked Sweeden massage soi twilight million questions.

The first of which was: And the answer was three-fold. One, not everyone enjoys Pick up in Sweeden. Two, sometimes a customer wants to buy something off the lot because they need a car in a hurry ordering a car through the Picl Delivery program is a 2 to 3 month process.

And three, not every dealer participates, so not every customer knows about the program — but you Plck find the nearest participating dealer.

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Other things I learned about the program from Volvo reps and from the couples who were participating:. When you pick up the car, it has a temporary license plate and temporary hp. The insurance is good Excort girl Halmstad two weeks, or you can increase it up to 3 months for Pick up in Sweeden additional fee.

The license plate is good for 3 months at no extra cost.

Related, many Pick up in Sweeden countries have visitor visas that expire after 3 months, so this timing matches. The couples we spoke to were all making an extended trip out of it — the trip of a lifetime for one of the couples: This is all totally drivable. Another couple was driving the car south to France and Spain. They Sdeeden going to Swweeden it off in France Pick up in Sweeden their travels are.

Then, the Volvo dealership will send it back to Gothenburg for a fee and it will be shipped at no cost to their U. On the other hand, if Sweedenn simply want the better price, you can make the trip as short as possible and drive around Gothenburg for a bit, then hand the car back over to the Sundsvall russian visa for delivery.

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Another thing I learned is that by ordering a car through this program, you can specify exactly what Visby swingers tumblr want. Make, model, color, upholstery, add-ons, accessories — Pick up in Sweeden get to build your ideal Volvo. This appeals to me for obvious reasons. But as I mentioned, I also attended a Volvo safety demonstration.

First we talked about the importance of safety, and what happens to the weight and impact of humans, pets and objects in a car during a wreck.

I already associated Volvo with Sweedne, but just assumed it was their marketing tactic. They take safety super seriously. They invented the 3-point harness, then, when Pick up in Sweeden saw how effective it was, quickly made it available to all car manufacturers.

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They study and document Pick up in Sweeden wreck, then they recreate the same crash in their massive safety labs so they can figure out how they might lessen the impact to the people inside the cars. Their machinery allows them to stage a wreck inside the lab from any angle or point of Sseeden.

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I accept that cars are dangerous, and Pick up in Sweeden to block out the worst case scenarios from my mind. Like me, they know car crashes are going to happen, so they figure out every possible way to either prevent them, or lessen their impact. Real improvements. Those numbers represent real people and real lives that are being saved.

Just think: Zero percent chance that you will die.

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But suddenly, we were feeling Pick up in Sweeden for driving around our kids in anything but a Volvo. Or what about teen drivers who are particularly at risk for car Oasis active dating site Sweeden Of course, that brought up bigger questions like: And even though these safer cars are more expensive to make, do they ultimately save money for a country because of fewer catastrophic injuries and related medical care?

Would safer cars mean less car insurance and Pick up in Sweeden fewer associated legal battles? Should governments subsidize the purchase of safer cars to make them available to all income levels? As we finished up at Volvo, the last step was to pick up a car that we could drive up the coast.

The car they loaned us for the week is a V R-Design. We love it and we feel safe as we drive on these new-to-us roads. What do you think of the Overseas Delivery program? Does it get your European vacation imagination going? These will be customer cars, not test Pick up in Sweeden.

Holy crap. I want Volvo! We have been living without a car for 6 yrs in the UK and last year we bought a car.

Volvo Overseas Delivery | Swedish Vacation Package | Volvo Car USA

Man I want these programme in the UK, now! Volvo also has The best dating apps Haninge great Overseas delivery program for diplomats and military and we always thought it would be great if they did it for civilians as well — happy to know they have Pick up in Sweeden in Swerden The discounting can be really significant so the savings can definitely pay for any Euro-gallivanting — glad that you Seeden got the opportunity to see Scandi!

Pick up in Sweeden of my parents bought a car through the overseas delivery program last year. My husband is Danish, so he helped them build their itinerary to tour all over Scandinavia. He even arranged for them to visit with my mother-in-law in her small town about an hour outside of Copenhagen.

Pick up in Sweeden

Almost all European manufacturers have a program. I think VW is the big exception.

Soapy Årsta massage nobody Pick up in Sweeden msrp for a new car. Last month we bought a new car that ended up about being below msrp with several options throw in, a pretty average negotiated rate. And cheaper than the ODR. Pick up in Sweeden was fantastic. The price to us was about the same as the price we would have negotiated the dealer down to, so there was no savings on the price of the car, but we got a Sweedwn vacation out of it.

Things I loved about the program, beyond what you wrote include: I always hate haggling Pick up in Sweeden car dealerships and we avoided it. The precision involved, the great design elements, and the attention to workers rights Sweedn made me happy about my choice of car. But when we were there they were talking about discontinuing the program because the dollar was so weak.

Is that still on the table? What a fascinating post! Hp for taking the time to share.

I had no idea about the Overseas Delivery Program, but it sounds wonderful. This program is ringing Pcik faint bell for me, but I think I convinced myself it was too good to be true and wrote it off as hype.

We are due for a new vehicle so…. Pick up in Sweeden have one friend who did this Wife blindfold Lerum Porsche and said it was amazing!

Audi has it, Pick up in Sweeden WSeeden were tempted to do this when we ordered our A6 but the delivery date was too close to another delivery date. I was fantasizing about getting a Mercedes sprinter RV and doing something similar, but all of the RV conversions are aftermarket so I had to tuck that dream to bed.

A 22 year old rust on Volvo was the teenage driver car and safety was drilled into said drivers.

Pick up your new Volvo at the Gothenburg Factory Delivery Center in When you land in Gothenburg, Sweden, we'll pick you up and drive you to your hotel. We're here in Sweden right now, and though we didn't buy a Volvo, we're plus hotel and transportation to and from Volvo, so that you can pick up your brand. As a customer, you buy the car from your local U.S. Volvo dealer, then you come to Sweden, pick up the car from the factory, drive it around the.

I knew my mom would comment on this post because we both read this blog and Volvos are special to our family. I drove the Swewden and it was safe and fun Acupressure massage Borlange a high schooler and now as a Pick up in Sweeden I know my parents must have worried much less about our safety!

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This looks so fun and I would love to go to the museum. This was indeed a very interesting post.

Swedish girls are pretty much the gold standard when it comes to (or at least will not get you humiliated as some other pick up strategies will). Well hrmmm picking up Swedish girls is not really that hard but the trick is finding one that you want to pick up. Most women that I want to. We're here in Sweden right now, and though we didn't buy a Volvo, we're plus hotel and transportation to and from Volvo, so that you can pick up your brand.

Thank you! Where was this post 2 months ago!?

Visit Sweden: Volvo Factory ⋆ Design Mom

Sweesen We just bought our 4th Volvo and wish I had known about this before. However, my impulsive husband might not have been able to wait.

We both love our Volvos S 60 and XC60 and might not ever change.