Candy Cane Vodka Header

Homemade infused liquors make wonderful presents. If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect holiday present, why not hand craft some booze? This year, the elves in our workshop  made candy cane vodka as a holiday hand out.

What you need:

  • Mason jars
  • Vodka
  • Candy canes

Step 1: Crush up some candy canes.

Keep it clean by crushing the candy while still in its wrapper.

Crush Up Candy Cane -- Tessa's Homemade

Step 2: Add crushed candy to a mason jar.

The size of the jar you want to use is up to your discretion. We’re on a budget and had a handful of gifts to make, so we stuck to half-pint jars. We crushed up five small candy canes per jar.

Add Crushed Candy Canes to Mason Jar

Step 3: Fill jars with vodka and seal ’em up.

Shake shake shake your jars! The candy canes will immediately begin to dissolve. Within an hour, you’ll have fully infused, pink candy cane vodka.

Fill Candy Cane Jars with Vodka

Step 4: Turn the jars into presents!

We affixed a bow, handmade label and a candy cane to the jars using hot glue. Get creative with your finishing touches. Attach a recipe! Make the jars sparkle!

Candy Cane VodkaHappy holidays! Drink up!



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