Candy Cane Nail Header

OH the weather outside is frightful,

But these nails are sooo delightful….

DIY candy cane nails, just in time for the holidays!


  • White nail polish
  • Red nail polish
  • Top coat
  • Scotch tape

STEP 1: Paint your nails white. Apply top coat, let them dry.

Tessa's Homemade -- Candy Cane Nails Base Color

STEP 2: Use scotch tape to create a stencil for red candy stripes. We taped over the white,  allowing diagonal, doubled up stripes to show through. Feel free to get creative and create your own candylicious look.

(More detailed instructions on tape stenciling can be found here).

Tessa's Homemade -- Candy Corn Nails with Tape

STEP 3: Paint over taped nails with red nail polish. Allow nails to thoroughly dry.
Tessa's Homemade -- Candy Cane Nails - Paint Over Tape

STEP 4: Peel off the tape, revealing awesome, red candy cane pinstripes! Apply a layer of top coat, and you’re all set.Tessa's Homemade -- Candy Cane Nails

Good luck not biting your nails this season…

candy cane heart



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