HEADER DIY Key Decorations Carpe Keyem

Keys are a wonderful accessory, and you don’t need to go to a locksmith to obtain funky, well designed keys. To spruce up your boring, metal keys, just pull out your craft bin and get creative!

We made two monsters and a rainbow key. To get this look, we used:

  • Nail polish
  • Top coat
  • Google eyes
  • Super Glue

DIY Key Decorations 2

For the monster keys, coat the top of the key with two coats of nail polish, followed by a layer of top coat. Wait for each side to dry before flipping it over. Once totally dry, affix the googly eyes to the polished part of the key using super glue. We’re digging the way our lady cyclopes key turned out! The eyes jiggle when turning locks.

To make a rainbow key, start with a base of white nail polish to create a bright background. Then add ROYGBIV stripes, and a layer of top coat the get the look.

DIY Funky Keys on Keychain 2Easy and fun, this is a great project to do with friends, and a crafty way to remember your keys!


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