Just in time for Hallow’s Eve, an Indian summer plagues the town with an onslaught of spooky spirits, midnight mischief, and the nastiest pest of all, FRUIT FLIES.

Is your apartment chock full ‘o fruit flies? Well don’t be a silent sufferer! First, clean your kitchen to eradicate the problem. Throw out your trash! Clean your sink’s drain! Empty your fruit bowl! And if the flies persist, here’s how to make a an easy, successful fly trap using  supplies you already own.

All you need is:

A cup or jar

Overripe fruit



STEP 1: Cut the fruit into small pieces, and place into cup.

The fruit will be used as bait to attract the flying critters.

STEP 2: Roll paper into a cone, leaving a small hole at the tip. Tape it in place.

The hole needs to be really small. It should look like this from above.

STEP 3: Insert the cone into the cup, and seal around the cup’s edges with tape.

Be certain that you’ve done a good job sealing the trap; the flies should be able to access the fruit only by entering the cup through the cone’s tiny hole.

All done! Your trap should look like this:


STEP 4: Watch it in action!

Does it work? Press play to find out!


The scent of fruit will attract the flies, and compel the pests to squeeze their way through the cone’s hole to access the irresistible bait. The catch? The hole is too small for the flies to get out, trapping them in the cup. A classic trap!

Author’s note: I truly believe this trap is a win-win situation. Your fly problem goes away, increasing your domestic satisfaction, while the flies are treated with the fruit that brought them along in the first place! In other words, if we were locked in a room filled with cheese and poodles, you wouldn’t hear us complaining.

PS: Special thanks to and Polyvore for your icky fly and graveyard images.


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