A happy accident, AKA laziness, led to the discovery of this home remedy. Is your car feeling a little stuffy? Air a little musty? Continue reading for an easy, eco-friendly and edible solution to freshen your vehicle’s scent!

The store’s bananas are a little green. They won’t be tasty for a couple days, but you buy one anyways. Take your green banana home, but instead of placing it in a fruit bowl, store the green banana in the cup holder of your car while it ripens. Let it sit there for a day or two until it’s ripe for consumption. When you are ready to eat it, take the banana out of your car, eat it with some peanut butter or whatnot, and go about your day as usual. The next time you take your ride out for a spin…

WHOAH! Your car smells like bananas! And the smell lasts for days!

There ya have it – a simple and affordable way to get your car smell like a fruit bowl.

Give this a try and share your results! Have you done this with any other kind of fruit? Did you forget about your banana, and chaos ensued? Leave your comments below.



  1. I am sorry Tess, but a car smelling like old bananas is disgusting. Makes me think everytime you open the door, fruit flies will hit you in the face as they thank you on their way out for the fresh air. Take those nasty old nanas and make some killer banana bread. You know I have a fab recipe and I am happy to share it with you! You get five stars for some crazy creative thinking on this one. But the next time I pass a car wash, I am gonna splurge and pick you up one job those tree thing-a-muh-bobs that you hand from your rear view mirror. Your car will smell like a field of lavender, or a pine forest or, a new car in a jiffy!

    • Hi Mom,

      If your bananas get nasty and old, you should DEFinintely take them out of your car and turn them into banana bread. The fruit flies would make a great source of protein. However, I recommend only letting the bananas stay in your car until they are perfectly ripe for eating – not rotten.

      Please share your rotten car banana recipe here!

      Thanks for your thoughts,


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