The only thing that’s better than something cute and noteworthy, is something cute, noteworthy, and FREEE!

The next time you run out of checks, don’t just call your bank in a panic and request a new pack. Do a little research, you’ll likely find that you can personalize your checks, customizing your background, fonts, and corner design, all for no additional cost.

My new checks can be ordered through my bank’s online banking customer service portal. First thing you do is pick out a background scene, and the choices are endless. Some of my favorites are:

Warner Bros. Theme, “Superman”

Fun & Frivolous Theme, “Anne Geddes” (hilarious!)

Nature & Scenic Theme, “Tropical Eyes”

Next, pick a font style for your billing address, and then things gets NUTS.

Enter: Corner Enhancements. Ladies and gentlemen, you get to embellish your checks with the symbol of your choice. Literally, any symbol! There are hundreds of choices.

If you love Jesus!

If you love Boots!

A Moose in the Moonlight!

It’s alllll good.

You can also choose a witty one-liner to exhibit on the bottom of your check. Some of these are real gems:

Paying for things sucks, but it’s a lot less suckier when you can do it in style. Customizable checks are the cat’s pajamas. And as a Hello Kitty-loving poodle worshiper, here’s what I ended up with:



  1. I LOVE your Hello Kitty poodle loving checks!!! They are adorable. What a fun and cute idea. You have taken the mundane out of check writing.Clever girl!! Go poodles!!,

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