Knives are like teeth. The more you use them, the more dull and crooked they get. To keep your knives from leading a dull life, keep ’em sharp by ‘honing’ it in!

As you can see, in my dominant, right hand I am holding a large kitchen knife. A nice knife indeed, but it could be better at scoring meat! In my left hand I have a steel sharpening rod that I inherited from my parents’ old knife block. Here’s how you use it:

Pick up the knife and steel rod; hold the knife in your stronger hand. Point both tools AWAY from your body. We don’t want no accidents today! Hold on tight. Place the knife’s blade on top of the rod, handles close, and angle the blade at about 20 degrees.

The rod has a similar texture to a nail file. As you draaaaag the length of your blade across the rod, pulling the knife towards you, it will straighten out all the little nooks and crannies that have developed along the edge. Take your time with this; speed impresses no one.

Repeat this motion about 10 times. Then, flip your blade over to the other side, and repeat!

When you think you are finished, you can test the sharpness of your knife by seeing how well you can scare your roommate!


4 responses to “HOW TO HONE A KNIFE

  1. Yikes! You look like one scary chick holding that newly sharpened knife! But I could use uour services come Thanksgiving.

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