Booze time, ya’ll! Here’s a sweet and easy recipe for some refreshingly rad cucumber-infused GIN.

What you’ll need:

  • Half a cucumber
  • Mason jar, or another storage vessel. My jar holds one quart.
  • GIN!  I used Seagram’s Extra Dry.
  • Something to strain it with.

Thinly slice half about half a cucumber, and plop the slices into your clean jar. Add your gin, filling the jar until there’s only about an inch of air left . Shake it up, seal it up, and let it sit for at least 3 – 4 days.

When you are ready to drink it, you’ll want to strain the alcohol so there are no cucumber fleggies floating around. I still have some cheesecloth lying around (same stuff I used to make a lavender sachet), and cheesecloth will do just fine as a strainer. In fact, it also adds a nice decorative touch when tied around the top of the jar:

Doesn’t that look purty?

I made this simple and elegant cuke-infused gin as a gift for my friend’s birthday. As a finishing touch, I wrote a birthday note on a paper square cut out from a brown bag, and fastened it to the cheesecloth with a safety pin.

How rustic! On the back of the note, I included a cocktail recipe that features this homemade concoction to give my gal pal somethin’ to work with when she’s ready to hit the bottle.


8 responses to “CUCUMBER-INFUSED GIN

  1. This is awesome! Definitely making this soon! Thank goodness for Huffington Post or I never would have found you!

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