When walking by my neighborhood florist the other day, these puppies caught my eye. “I wish someone would surprise me with these…” I thought. But then I panicked! What would I do if I got a hold of dahlias?!

How to Care for a Dahlia Bouquet:

STEP 1: Bring the flowers home as soon as possible; these guys wilt fast.

STEP 2: Cut the bottom of the stems at an angle. Use a sharp knife cut to the stems – scissors will smoosh ’em. Cutting underwater prevents air from effing with the exposted plant meat. The angle allows the flower to stand on a point, increasing water exposure to the cut.

STEp 3: Discard any aging leaves or flowers, or leaves that will be underwater in the vase. These nasty bits have bacteria that can infect the rest of the plant.

STEP 4: Pick out a vessel to display your plants in. A vase, an old jar or bottle…whatever looks pretty! Clean it well to kill any nasty, plant-hating bacteria.

STEP 5: Fill your vase with water + flower food. Five grams of flower food are effective for one pint of water, so be sure to use an appropriate amount of food for your vessel. Hopefully your florist isn’t a jerk and would be happy to give you an extra packet or two.

STEP 6: Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, overheating electronics and ripening fruit!

STEP 7: When your water gets murky, it’s time for maintenance. In short, rinse your stems and repeat!


3 responses to “HOW TO CARE FOR DAHLIAS

  1. Who knew ripening fruit could effect the longeviety of a lovely bouguet? Thank you for your fab tips Tessa!

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