Itchin’ for some funky nails?

Then this is the tutorial for you!

Your old manicure becomes a canvas for a masterpiece in this fun and easy nail art project. No purchases necessary, as all the supplies are surely materials that you already have at home:

All you need is:

  • Your old manicure
  • Nail polish – any color(s) will do!
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape
  • Top coat

When you think of the pattern that you would like to display on your nails, figure out where you want each color to go. What shape and where do you want the base color of your original manicure to peek out? Once decided, cut the desired shape of your base color out of scotch tape, and place it on your nail. I decided to go with a geometric arrow shape, and wanted the white color of  my base manicure to be in between two pinks. I placed the cut arrows in my nails like so:

(Outlined in yellow, since the tape totally blends in with my base manicure color!) *Please note that the end of the arrows extend past my nail bed so that it can easily be peeled once painted over.

Make sure that the tape is stuck on there really well, and there are no air pockets seeping into edges that would allow for paint to get in.

Next, take your nail polish, and paint the exposed nail on the sides of the tape:

Wait for your polish to dry. Really really dry. Once it’s extreeeeemely dry, slowwwwly peel off the tape. Oh my, how rewarding it is. Like pulling off the protective plastic that came on your new alarm clock. Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel it off. Wow. Doesn’t it look good!

Paint some top coat on there, and VOILA! Che bellissimo!


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