THINGS I LOVE // 6.25.12

GIMME GIMME! Things to buy with your birthday money this week.

Van D’Go Nail Polish by Essie [$]

Available on, starting at $0.25 

My favorite nail shade for the summer is from Essie’s Art of Spring nail polish – from 2010! It’s perfect, pastel, peachy-melon color. Not too orange, not too bright, and really vibes with a sun-kissed hand. I’m way into it.

Bodum Travel Coffee Press – with Bonus Lid! [$$]

Available on for $29.99, though I bought mine for $19.99 at a local store.

Look at this thing! Glistening on my desk in the morning light!  I love good coffee, butI can’t afford to be snobby about it. Daily Starbucks is just not something that I want to add to my tight budget. But does that mean I need to suffer through the free coffee at work to get my energy fix? Nay!

This travel press is a total game-changer. I leave a bag of coffee grinds at the office, and brew my own coffee every morning directly in my personal thermos/press. It tastes soooo good, and a bag of grinds lasts me about a month. This sucker has made my mornings so much brighter, and is the best part of my AM ritual!

Baggu Leather Bag in Mint [$$$]

$120 for small,

Been saving up for this bad boy. Also love it in Nutmeg, Platinum and Grapefruit. ‘Nuff said.

Gold Short Pyramid Charm Pendant by Alexis Bittar [$$$]

$95 on


I was shocked to learn that this awesome, simple yet funky necklace my sister was wearing was only $95. That’s not pocket change, but this is the kind of necklace you don’t take off once you start wearing it. Delicate enough to layer, but edgy enough to wear on its own. I dig it!

4505 MEATS Apple and Calvados Chicken Sausage [$$]

$36.95 for 16 links on Gilt Taste

I’ve recently noticed that Gilt Taste has some pretty dank deals on a variety of meats. But contain myself I must, for I am plagued with *high cholesterol*. So sad for someone who loves meat so much. I tend to view chicken or turkey sausage as a “heart healthy” meat just because it doesn’t come from a mammal. Though that’s probably not true, I’m on the hunt for a few friends to go in on this deal with me. The sausages look amazing, are chicken, and for just over $2 a pop I’d like to char them at my next barbeque! Any takers?


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